Osama, The New Poster Boy For The GOP

The Spectrum | Oct 24, 2006

  In an odd twist, the current poster boy for the Republican Party is none other than Osama bin Laden. The al-Qaida chieftain is the prominent feature in a new ad released by the Republican National Committee that is the most repulsive bit of business since Lyndon Johnson released a horrific image during his 1964 campaign for reelection.

LBJ smeared Sen. Barry Goldwater, his Republican opponent, with an ad that depicted a little girl picking apart a daisy when, suddenly, an atomic explosion goes off, followed by the president saying, “These are the stakes.” The ad illustrated the Democratic Party’s line that Goldwater had an itchy trigger finger, was unstable and would lead the country into nuclear war. It was so repugnant it ran only once before being pulled. The new GOP ad, which you can see at www.gop.com, takes a different fear tactic, smearing Democrats as unable to secure America. Throughout the piece phrases like “kill the Americans,” “inside America,” “suitcase bombs” and other dire messages float around a photograph of bin Laden. The ad concludes with the words, “These are the stakes.” This ad, of course, makes no mention of the nuclear build-up in North Korea and Iran, the violence in Spain and Great Britain, the ongoing slaughter in Iraq. It makes no mention of the stakes left on the table by scandal, deceit and thievery. It makes no mention of the White House desire to add new nukes to the U.S. arsenal. It makes no mention of the stakes of liberty carelessly tossed by the wayside in the form of the Patriot Act, all of which occurred under the GOP watch.All it does is create fear in the hope of securing their own backsides and holding on to everything it can in the coming mid-term election.

So, who is the terrorist creating unfounded fear in America these days?

If you happen to be a Democrat, don’t sit back all fat and smug because you know that the DNC would do the same exact thing if this was its war, its White House; and therein lies the tragedy of the United States of America, circa 2006.

The scarce leadership that’s out there is buried beneath a sort of corporate mentality that the parties have adopted.

It’s all about market share, return on investment and extending the Wal-Marting of America from the retail to the political arena.

Win, win, win at any cost. Keep/seize power. Abandon principal. Sacrifice individuality. Fit the mold. Find a reason to blame somebody – anybody– for your own shortcomings.

If you’re Mark Foley, blame the booze.

If you’re Harry Reid, blame it on a conservative witch hunt.


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