GOP Ad: These Are The Stakes

Since 9/11 the Republican’s have been keeping us in FEAR.  These people will do anything to stay in power, to continue the mission they want to accomplish.  Is this mission really about terrorism? Is this mission really about protecting us?  These people are worms, and their power comes from our fear.  For all of you who voted for George W. Bush in the 2004 election ask yourself, what were the main reasons for doing so?  If you were a viewer of the republican national convention I could tell you why… you were afraid.  The republican party used the 9/11 catastrophe as a weapon to keep you in fear, and to keep them in office.  If this administration’s political strategy is based on fear (Anthrax Scare, Osama Bin Ladin Tapes, Capital Building Evacuations, Homeland Security Threat Levels) to keep our eyes off of what is really happening they can continue to go about their agenda without being questioned. Please people just look at what’s happening, they are taking our freedoms away because we are all blinded by fear.  Look at the laws that are being pasted, and see how they are taking away the freedoms that they are so called telling us we are fighting for.  These people will stop at nothing, and when I saw this Ad by the republican party I wasn’t surprised.  They are telling us that something bigger then 9/11 is coming and that these are the stakes, but what’s really at stake is our countries freedoms.  Open your eyes America.


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