How Did Our Towers Fall?

Halifaxion | | 2006

Live news coverage and close-up video from ground zero on the afternoon of 9/11. Watch this, and activate the logic section of your brain. What you’re seeing is not the result of structural failure (like what happens when a building falls over in an earthquake), it’s the result of a controlled demolition using pre-planted explosives to pulverize the structures to dust and pools of molten steel.


One Response to “How Did Our Towers Fall?”

  1. David Daniels Says:

    It has been suggested that the should have tipped over (like what happens when a building falls over in an earthquake) onto other buildings surrounding the area.

    There are several points that should be made.

    First, the building is not solid; it is 95 percent air and, hence, can implode onto itself.

    Second, there is no lateral load, even the impact of a speeding aircraft, which is sufficient to move the center of gravity one hundred feet to the side such that it is not within the base footprint of the structure.

    Third, given the near free-fall collapse, there was insufficient time for portions to attain significant lateral velocity.

    To summarize all of these points, a 500,000 t structure has too much inertia to fall in any direction other than nearly straight down.


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